Exploring Ethereum’s Proto Dank Sharding and Beyond in the World of Crypto Innovation

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1 min readFeb 12, 2024

Welcome back to Beyond Bitcoin. Join our hosts Deryck Graham and Nitin Gaur. In this episode, we’ll go beyond Bitcoin, exploring the latest market trends and transformative technologies. Get ready to dive into the future of finance with us!

🌐 🌐 Exploring Ethereum’s Proto Dank Sharding: A game-changing Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP 4844) that enhances security, scalability, and performance.

🚀 Proto Dank Sharding combines research from Optimism Labs — Proto Lambda and Dankerd Feist.

🛠️ Solving the Consistency, Availability, Partition (CAP) Theorem in distributed computing, Proto Dank Sharding introduces economic realities to help applications choose between security and scalability.

📈 Ethereum’s layer 2 protocols like Polygon and Optimism play a crucial role.

💡 Proto Dank Sharding introduces a new economic model, driving a race for innovation among layer 2 protocols to attract workloads.

💰 Ethereum vs. Solana: The debate continues. Ethereum’s vast ecosystem, liquidity, and layer 2 advancements provide advantages. Solana, with its Rust-based architecture and unique consensus mechanism, emphasizes performance.

📊 Layers in Web 3.0 Investing: — Layer 1: Basic blockchain and settlement layer. — Layer 2: Addresses layer 1 deficiencies, focusing on scalability, security, and usability. — Layer 3: Application layer, featuring decentralized exchanges, lending pools, etc. — Layer 4: The integration layer, combining various layer 3 services to deliver enhanced value and create new business models.



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